Book of Peace and Love

A growing collection of stories, poems, and essays, illustrated by and expressed through stone sculpture.


And yes there are some other things here too,
involving stone circles, peace parks, woodcarvings,
and other artistic celebrations of
Peace, Love, and Mother Earth.  Enjoy!



I'm just a stone bard. My sculptured friends   are stone bards too.

I talk with the rocks,
They sing songs with me.
Hear the rhythm of hammer and chisel?

See the shadow of cut line appear?

Smell the dust of an ancient night
burst forth into today?

Mother Earth Bone,
Sacred Stone,
Please guide my way.
Tell me what to say.

Sacred Stone,
Mother Earth Bone.
Will you break for me?
Change your shape for me?

Sacred Stone,
Mother Earth Bone.
May the heart of you
Tell me what to do.
Help me I pray,
show me the way.

Now let us begin
to release the stories within...

SKA-ATL, the Otter,
and friend, along the
Tommy Thompson Trail, on Fidalgo Bay,  in Anacortes WA

And What Is This?
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Gently Weeping Guitar













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 What Is A Stone Bard? 

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Stone Circles


*NEW E. Sandy Powell's (my Sister!) wonderful new website:
Beyond the Roar

**Adam X. Hearn's website:
Book of Peace and Love





Recent carving: Granite, 6 ft tall





installed June 2012 at Ship Harbor shore trail, Anacortes WA,
funded by grant from Anacortes Arts Festival






Last year's new carving

Installed ( September 2012 ) at Fern Hill Cemetery, Anacortes



*This year's Brand New Carving, installed Sept 13, 2013, also at FernHill Cemetery


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